BIkecube, a startup with distant roots


Bikecube was founded in 2016 to meet the needs of e bikers based in eco-sustainable tourism and in particular for those who use bicycles and e bikes for everyday travel

BIkecube is a startup, born due to the idea of Mr. Fabrizio Gambarotta, but with distant roots, the result of sharing and integrating different knowledge and ideas from different complementary sectors.

The different models currently in production are all based on the original Bikecube project, with an innovative access system to the box and aimed at customers in an international market.

In essence, Bikecube products are an innovative box access system for e bike and non-electric bicycles, created to meet the growing need and need to safely store these increasingly valuable objects and subject to a high risk of theft.

Over time it has been noted that users increasingly need to find a suitable place to store and preserve bicycles throughout the day. The user of the bike has the problem of where to put the bike in the various situations that arise during the day starting from the house, the workplace, the restaurant, bar or bicigrill, the hotel, the shop and countless other unattended places.

The field of use of the various models can be:

  • for private use or in residential complexes and condominiums, as a security mini-garage for both outdoor (to be placed in the garden) and indoor (to be placed inside the garage for greater security) without having to bring bicycles inside your apartment;
  • for companies such as bicycle hirers or sellers, who need a system of collection and distribution 24 hours a day 7 days a week without the need for a guard on site or to test new locations;
  • for hotels or accommodation facilities as a safe place to offer to their customers who want solutions adapted to the cost and personal value of their bicycles;
  • for APTs, municipalities, provinces or tour operators that must offer value-added services to international customers who are not always more demanding on equipped routes or in the case of temporary events.

All Bikecube bike boxes are designed, engineered and tested at the company's headquarters in Bolzano, a border region with a long tradition of using bicycles for both travel and leisure.